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Exciting News for Mississippi Baptist Music and Worship Ministries!

Music Leadership Training School Online!

The day has come for the long anticipated retooling of our Music Leadership Training School Worship Ministries Certificate program! For over three decades, the Worship Ministries, under the visionary leadership of Jimmy McCaleb, offered a two-year course of study for music ministry skill development.  Hundreds of leaders have reaped the benefit of this program. The Church Music RFD handbook served as the primary text.

Please take a moment and give God praise for all that has been accomplished in Jesus’ name! The sad reality is that we’ve seen a steady decline in participation during the last ten years, mostly due travel limitations and the inability of prospective students to make an eight week commitment. We have been seeking God for a legitimate alternative, an accessible pathway forward to equip our bi-vocational and volunteer leaders. The Lord has answered this prayer!! Thanks to the inspired work of my colleague from North Carolina, Kenny Lamm, we now have this online tool.   

Cost $65.00: includes a 114 page Worship Leader Handbook. Your participation in this training automatically includes enrollment in the Worship Ministries Certificate Program made available through the Mississippi Baptist Convention Worship Ministries.  (Scholarships are available.) Please do not rush through this material.  Feel free to call me at any point you encounter confusion or need clarification. 

Click here for an overview of the course

Time commitment:  includes 29 videos with 6.5 hours of instruction, segmented into eight self-paced units.  At the end of each unit, students will be required to make a written response to questions presented for discussion. I will serve as the grader and will be evaluating the work of each student.

I pray that the Lord Jesus will use this new educational opportunity to strengthen and encourage the call upon our lives as worship leading musicians!

Kris Smith
Director, Worship Ministries
Mississippi Baptist Convention Board
515 Mississippi Street
Jackson, MS  39201
Office Phone:  601-292-3267


Our Courses

Note: The cost of these courses are covered if you take part in the Music Certificate program outlined above. 

What People Are Saying

The Worship Summit with Kenny Lamm was one of the most complete and practical discussions on Biblical Worship that I have experienced in many years. As a worship leader, I left equipped with tools, quotes, and scriptures in which I could defend the principles of worship that I have been trying to apply within my own congregation. I think representatives from churches of all sizes and musical styles can use the information gleaned here to make more spiritually-focused decisions regarding worship within their local context.

Chris Bridges

The Worship Leader Boot Camp combines Kenny Lamm’s real-world experience from the trenches of worship leadership with his deep passion to see churches of every worship “style” experience worship renewal. Kenny has years of experience of effectively leading both traditional and contemporary worship styles, and his insights into how to plan and lead with purpose and excellence are invaluable. Where the Worship Leader Boot Camp really shines, however, is for those churches in need of worship unity. If your church desires corporate worship that purposefully engages the totality of your congregation, regardless of your worshiper’s age, musical preference, or ethnicity, let Kenny Lamm show you how.
One of my favorite sections of Kenny’s Worship Leader Handbook is the chapter on the mechanics of worship. In twenty jam-packed pages, he teaches practical ways to plan engaging worship with a purposeful flow. I’ve read many books on worship leadership through the years, and I’ve never seen these concepts taught in such a practical and concise manner. It took me years to discover what he teaches in only a few short pages. Every worship leader should attend his workshop!

Royce Wilder

I have already spoken and forwarded information to other musicians about the workshop, Excluding the Bible, I think this is the best Worship tool anyone can have in their library. We laughed, we cried and we healed spiritually. I’ll never worship the same again, and I will do it again. It’s about the audience of one, God.

Joel Robertson

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